Ethos Homes are excited about building energy efficient homes, with the future in mind

Are you a convert, or just checking options out? Are you looking to build and are thinking long term about comfort and health? We trust you will find some useful information and links here…

We recognise that building to the New Zealand building standards isn’t enough. At Ethos Homes we don’t want to build you a house, we want to build you a home, one that works for you, one that’s warm and cosy in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. A home with superior air quality from filtered air significantly reducing the levels of dust, moisture, pollen and other allergens, and one that’s energy efficient with low running costs. We build each home like it’s our own.

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From where we start...

Ethos Homes design standard begins well beyond NZS build requirements and then works with you to determine how far we take it...

The Ethos Homes Standard

The Ethos Standard

Although we have a minimum standard to ensure we build healthy sustainable homes, we will work with you to meet your unique requirements right through to passive certified.

At Ethos homes we provide you with variable solutions to achieving an energy efficient home. Our continuum begins with our standard Ethos build (well beyond NZS build requirements), advances through to an internationally recognised passive certified home or take it a step further become self sufficient and ‘off the national grid.’


About us

The impact of design details

At Ethos homes we understand the importance of having an energy efficient home.

As a minimum at Ethos every new home will be wrapped in an airtightness internal membrane for moisture control and to prevent heat loss, and will have a mechanical ventilation system to provide superior air quality. Incorporating energy efficient elements at the design stage will allow you to have predictable low heating and cooling costs, and certainty that you have built a durable and sustainable home. Planning from the start can ensure that none of your design elements are compromised!

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Living healthy and comfortably

A huge benefit of energy efficient housing is that design elements significantly reduce the levels of dust, moisture and pollen that can affect the long term health of its occupants.

At Ethos Homes we build you a home with superior air quality, where it’s affordable to have your living temperature at 20 degrees throughout the entire house, no temperature variations from room to room and no cold drafts.

Enjoy the benefits

Thinking long term realistically

Building an energy efficient house is affordable and with low running costs for the life of the home it’s an easy choice.

An Ethos Homes is best suited to the Home Owner who is making a considered investment for the future, this is not a ‘spec’ home; and the real benefits of your decisions TODAY as you build, will be both immediate and ongoing as you live TOMORROW.

We do however understand the tension between “optimum” and “realistic” and how your project budget needs to be balanced with the resources available at your stage of life.  We are able to work with you to plan and build an affordable home that meets your unique needs and the level of energy efficiency you desire.

Save long term

At Ethos Homes we work with you to plan and build an affordable home that meets your unique needs and the level of energy efficiency you desire.GUY GILLESPIE