Delivering the home you desire

Do you want a healthy sustainable home to raise your family in? to retire in comfort with predictable energy bills? Or are you an early adoptor who wants to live better and do better for the environment?

At Ethos we work with you to design and build the home you desire. A signature Ethos home is airtight, well insulated, mechanically ventilated with a heat recovery system, and fitted with thermally broken double or triple glazed recessed joinery. Our homes improve you and your families health and wellbeing with improved air quality, reducing the levels of dust, moisture and pollen; improved thermal comfort, no room to room temperature variation, no drafts, reduced seasonal and daily temperature variations; and all with lower running costs.


We build every home like it was our own. We work with you throughout the entire process from design to landscaping ensuring we deliver on your dream.

Over the years we have discovered that relationships are the key to successful builds. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with you our client, with clear lines of communication, transparency, regular site meetings, access to our online build portal with a detailed schedule, progress updates/reports and site photos, to make you feel at ease during the build process.

Quality Control

We ensure your home meets your expectations through rigorous in-house and third party testing and inspections. We Blower door test before the linings are installed and at the end of the build to qualify the airtightness of your home so you know how it will perform





Working together... getting it right from the start!

Our team at Ethos Homes know what it takes to achieve high performance outcomes. And it starts with working together with qualified, specialised people, committed to getting the detail right.

Here’s a brief overview of how we help make your dreams reality.

Exploring options

Talk to us about your building project, your section and your dreams

We will introduce you to a high performance/Passive House Architect/Designer

We can help you clarify your priorities and goals for your home, and then advise you on how to achieve this including appropriate components

Adding clarity

Work with designer/architect to add design and detail to plans

At this stage we’ll work with you to balance your plans with your budget and desired outcomes

Once your concept plans are established, there will be enough detail for a comprehensive estimate by an independent quantity surveyor.

Confirming details

Your home design and plans are submitted to Council for permit and consent

The build estimate is confirmed based on final detailing and client preferences and budget

A build contract is signed to commence the build of your high performance home

Construct & Build

Our Ethos team will build and oversee the construction of all aspects of your new home

You are given access to our cloud based software that keeps you up to date with photos, details and all progress, as your home is built

Our commitment to your home is everything. Achieving high performance is only possible with our attention to every detail.

They wanted to build the best house for us and that's what they did, so I couldn't ask for anything more. They really went above and beyond.

Ben and Kirsteen Pitkin-Douglas

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Project management is second to none, attention to detail is incredible. You just don't get that level of personalisation with a group home builder.

Ali and Gary Wilkinson

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Working together... getting it right from the start!

Peter Bielski

Peter Bielski

Ethos Homes are qualified and experienced Passive House and high performance home builders

Peter Bielski, Director of Ethos Homes, is a Certified Passive House tradesperson. Peter is passionate about prefabrication, airtight construction and delivering on Passive House projects. Peter has completed 7 Certified Passive House projects in Christchurch and is dedicated to building warm, dry, healthy homes for families to thrive.

The team

The team

Overseen by Peter are a team of dedicated staff and subcontractors

Our dedicated staff and subcontractors are all committed to building your high performance home. They understand the level of care, attention and detail required to ensure your home meets the level of desired performance.