Working from start to finish we work with you to realise your dream…

Ethos homes understands the challenges of building a home from start to finish. We’ve done it. 1000s of decisions and lots of pressure to make the right ones. We have the experience and we will commit the resources to walk with you through the entire project. Your project!

No two homes are ever the same. Homes are defined by who lives in them and how they live. At Ethos homes we build your home the way you want it, you are not limited by templates or prefabricated patterns and we build to the level of energy efficiency that suits you.

Proven craftsmanship

With over twenty years’ experience as registered builders we offer our clients proven craftsmanship

Ethos homes is home grown, its roots are in a well known local company called CHARACTER BUILDERS. “Ethos” is synonymous with “character”, whilst also conveying values, ethics and community. Although the two companies will operate seperately providing different building expertise, you can expect the same commitment to ‘integrity’, and ‘relationship’ we have always strived to model.

Despite energy efficient and passive houses being built and enjoyed for many years in Europe, building for energy efficiency is a new concept in New Zealand. An Ethos home is innovative, utilising new construction methods. We delicately balance our national Kiwi flavour, and our distinctive architectural blue print with this advancing technology to build energy efficient, healthy, sustainable, cost effective homes that are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Exceptional suppliers

Given our historic base in Canterbury we have a long established commitment of all the associated sub trades and suppliers, essential for an efficient construction.

We couple this with some brand new, not previously available, state-of-the-art technology. When you build with us we use premanufactured panels to ensure your home goes from foundation to roof on and weather tight in a very short period of time.  Having your home weather tight fast prevents moisture getting into the building structure, and means the building is secure faster.

Progress reporting and updates

We build every home like it was our own. We work with you throughout the entire process from design to landscaping making sure we meet your specifications and requirements.

Over the years we have discovered that RELATIONSHIPS are the key to good management. Our ambition is to build a strong relationship with you our client; through regular interaction and consultation, with clear lines of communication, creating transparency and easy access to our sub trades and suppliers.

More about us

Peter and his team have done an excellent job. Everything has been done to a high standard. I was impressed with the "nothing is a problem" attitude throughout the jobPETER VAN'T WOUT

Quality Control

We stand by every house we build

We ensure your home meets your expectations through rigorous in-house and third party testing and inspections. Airtightness testing is done before the gib is put up and at the end of the build so you will have confidence in the energy efficiency of your home.