Frequently Asked Questions


What do Ethos homes look like?

Ethos homes can be designed to suit your preferences, the technology we use is less about the shape and appearance of your home and more about the construction method and function. Our focus is achieving maximum thermal resistance to prevent heat loss and maintain superior air quality and warmth.


Does a house not need to breathe?

This is an age-old fallacy based on misconceptions about air movement and misinformation about the harmful effects of moisture vapour. An Ethos home is technically superior because the internal air movement is not only controlled; the air temperature is moderated and maintained at a healthy level, filtered and purified from pollutants and allergens.


What heating options are there for an Ethos home?

Ethos homes builds energy efficient homes.  Our homes are designed to capture and retain heat, they require very little additional energy to keep your whole house at a comfortable temperature. Contact us to discuss options.


Can I have a logfire?

In an attempt to reduce pollution, logfires are being phased out by many City Councils in New Zealand.  However if allowed, there are special logfires that are suitable for energy efficient homes. At Ethos homes we will assist you to explore the range of options for optimum energy efficiency and to suit your lifestyle needs.


What happens in a power failure?

Whatever your domestic situation, in a power failure we are all looking for a solution to maintain warmth, meal preparation and continuing with usual household function. A conventional home will rapidly loose its warmth, meal preparation will be reduced to a camp stove or barbeque and general household function will be constricted. An Ethos home, though similarly affected remains warm for an extended period of time due to its heat retention. In addition an energy efficient home has low energy requirements and can easily be equipped with a backup generator.