Design vs Function

Ethos homes can be designed in many different forms, our technology is less about the shape or appearance of your home and more about the construction and function of your home.

We can plan and design your Ethos home to whatever architectural style and cladding type you desire and with the incorporation of some key elements we can achieve the level of energy efficiency you need.

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Panelised construction

At Ethos we use premanufactured panels to make your home weather tight fast.

There are many advantages of using premanufactured panels including a quicker construction time, greater quality assurance, less wasted materials and a reduction in the amount of time the framing is exposed to the elements during construction.

As your home is weather tight faster it prevents moisture getting into the building structure and ensures your home is secure faster.

Reduce long-term energy costs

The cost of energy is rising.

When planning and building a new home it makes good financial sense to future-proof your home against increasingly expensive energy consumption. Heating water and warming a home consumes the bulk of the energy used in an average household. By investing in an energy efficient home you can can reduce long-term energy costs. Over time those energy savings will typically pay for the initial outlay as well as guaranteeing the warmth and comfort of your family.

From where we start...

Ethos design standard begins well beyond NZS build requirements and then works with you to determine how far we take it...

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For me, having someone (Pete) who has already done this and not just learned the theory is hugely important. Add to that Guy’s attention to detail and knowledge of character home styling, and their combined traditional building experience, and we have total confidence that we will get exactly what we want to get.ALI WILKINSON