Your Passive Home That Breathes

There’s one thing that people say over and over to us at Ethos Homes… “a house has to breathe”, (if we have heard it once, we have heard it 100 times) It seems everyone has an uncle or grandad who is an expert and they’ve always said it so it must be true right?

Passive House Christchurch

Well maybe, but there is a lot more to it than leaving a window cracked open or a draughty door. Modern technology allows us to build a home which incorporates the realities of science and facts pertaining to new building technology.

An Ethos Homes is designed to enable you to greatly control your living environment. You get to choose your level of temperature comfort and it remains constant. You can rest assured the interior environment remains pure and healthy. This is the key to understanding what Ethos Homes are really all about… having control over your home environment. That’s not to say you can’t open it up ‘to breath’, but it does mean you have ‘the remote’!

Breathing Passive House

Let me give you an example. Over the holidays I visited friends in their beautiful ‘Certified Passive’ home just completed by Ethos. Our friends are so glad to be living in the Ethos Home. It was during that string of beautiful summer days and the windows were open and the breeze was wonderful; a perfect temperature and the sort of day we wish was the norm.

Don’t we Kiwis just love our clean fresh air?

Ethos Homes Christchurch

Nice that is, till the neighbour’s nephew drove past in his fumey rust bucket and the outdoor cigarette area of the flat next door suddenly fired up…. it seemed to just reinforce the point…we have little control over the air we breathe.

We cannot manage the amount of pollen or dust in the air outside our homes, neither can we control the outside temperature (especially with the unpredictable Christchurch “summer”).

Ethos Homes Interior

One of the more important components of a Passive Home is the Ventilation system – we call it the heart and lungs of the Home. When you live in a passive home, you have control over the ventilation system… you control the temperature and the air quality (you can open a window for the “fresh air” outside if you wish).