Passive House Ventilation Systems

It makes me very happy to hear more and more average New Zealand homeowners becoming part of the Passive house movement. We Kiwis are a tough bunch aren’t we, we don’t like anything too flashy, and when it comes to houses everyone has a story about growing up in a cold house. But more and more folk are recognising the value of building a home that utilises modern technology to provide comfort and security.

Ethos Homes

At Ethos Homes, we believe the key ingredients to achieving an energy efficient home are just the starting point for your passive house. The fundamentals are the high tech floor construction, the greatly increased insulated wall depth, the non-conductive and optimally insulated Window joinery, and the airtight internal membrane system.

However, arguably the most important component of a passive house is the… Ventilation System; we call it the heart and lungs of the Home. The ventilation system has many functions including filtration, purification, circulation and heat recovery. Internal filters purify the incoming air, removing pollen, pollution, carbon monoxide, and other contaminants that may impact the health of your family.

Passive House Kitchen

This fresh air is then ‘exchanged’ to recover any heat from outgoing air extracted from the home. This retains the energy naturally created within the home (heat generated from bathroom and kitchen steam, appliances and lights, etc). The clean, temperature controlled air is then monitored, distributed and circulated throughout the home to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Passive Homes Dining Room

A certified passive house is designed in such a way it will require very little additional heating/cooling to keep it at an optimum temperature all year round.